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CBJ Community

Congregation B’nai Jeshurun encourages its members to participate in the growth and development of the Synagogue. In other words we want you to “get involved” by joining one of our committees. By doing this you not only assist in the ongoing operation of the Synagogue but you also have the opportunity to meet people with similar interests.

Finance and Budget Committee – submits to the Board at the November meeting, a statement of the estimated yearly income and expenses for the following fiscal year, inspects the financial records of all constituents groups and collects all outstanding monies due the Synagogue.

Hebrew School Committee – has the charge of the general operation of the Hebrew School. It reports to the Board of Trustees with respect to the HebrewSchool.

Law Committee – reviews all legal matters involving the Synagogue and its constituent organizations.

Membership Committee – interviews and approves all applicants for membership in the Synagogue. This committee also promotes the retention and increase of the Synagogue’s membership.

Ritual Committee – is responsible for arranging and assisting in implementing all religious services, consultation with and under direction of the Rabbi.

Catering Committee – has the responsibility for hearing and determining all questions arising from members of the Congregation and others in dealing with the operations of the catering facility. This function also includes matters raised by the Caterer with respect to operations at the Synagogue, which affect the catering facility.

Ways and Means Committee – is in charge of raising funds for the general purposes of the Synagogue and all its activities. It develops programs for such fund raising and it may call upon the affiliates of the Synagogue and the membership at large for cooperation and assistance in carrying out the purposes of the committee.

Public Relations Committee – prepares and supervises the publications of the Synagogues’s bulletin to see that it contains all the necessary notices of the Synagogue and its affiliates and any articles pertaining to them and is also responsible for all publicity of the Synagogue.

House Committee – is in charge of the maintenance of the Synagogue buildings and from time to time and with the Board’s approval, establish house rules. It makes periodic recommendations to the Board as to necessary repairs, changes or additions required to any part of the Synagogue buildings.

Youth Activities Committee – is responsible for the youth activities in the Synagogue.