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History of our Holocaust Torah

By Arleen Klapper

map Uherske Hradiste, Moravia, Czechoslovakia

This Torah was printed in 1900 and was part of the fabric of lives of the Jewish Community in Uherske Hradiste, Moravia, Czechoslovakia. It is no longer Kosher as it has suffered damage; this is its story.

During WW II, Nazis destroyed the town in Moravia, Czechoslovakia. The Synagogue’s Torahs were removed by the Nazis with the intent of becoming part of a museum of an extinct race.

In 1964 the Torah was acquired and saved by the “Memorial Scrolls Trust of the Westminster Synagogue in London, England.” After doing extensive research, Iris and Norman Sweig, my sister and brother in law, and Nat Cutler learned how to obtain this Holocaust Torah for B’nai Jeshurun.

In July 1987, Iris and Norman Sweig traveled to London, England, and brought our treasured Holocaust Torah to its safe home in our beloved shul, Congrega􀆟on B’nai Jeshurun. We remember and mourn those many lives lost and cherish our ability to be part of this legacy.